Fashion ︎ Advertising ︎ eCommerce

Art Direction ︎ Creative workshops ︎ Experiential

Open for opportunities in ︎Europe’s fashion(able) cities, e.g. Paris, Amsterdam or Milan

Willing to ︎ for fashion collaborations

Typography nerd, whodunnit lover, notes’ writer, inspiration enthusiast and raspberry addict, who loves airports and hitting the road.

︎ At the moment working on a fashion short film and couple of (splendid!) editorial concepts.

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The Lone Park Ranger

Editorial for Glassbook Mazagine

Back to the Roots

Editorial for One magazine noticed at Vogue Italia

Sick (of) Social Media

Beauty concept for portfolio at Mastered fashion accelerator. Based on a brief set by Patti Wilson ‘Say something’

Art Direction
Design Management
Print Design
OOH • Digital Design
Packaging design
Project management
Brand Guidelines

I made the party party

The Finns Party’s branding

I was responsible for a brand renewal of a Finns political party,  which successfully made its way to The Finnish government in the same year.

I did the design management, everything except for the logo, and put it in the book of 128 pages.

I managed the brand book project, also budget-wise, that needed arrangements from several people on a tight schedule.

As an individual, I don’t have any connection with the party or its ideology.