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Typography nerd, whodunnit lover, notes’ writer,
inspiration enthusiast, people believer and raspberry addict,
who loves airports and hitting the road.

Open for opportunities in any fascinating city in︎Europe, e.g. Paris, Copenhagen, Milan, Zürich
Eager to learn a new language, depenping on where to relocate
Willing to ︎ for collaboration projects
︎ At the moment working on a fashion short film and couple of fashion editorial projects.

Mark Fashion     ︎     Advertising     ︎    e-Commerce Finnish digital nomad in Europe (Berlin as a latest) looking to settle down and find a new home.

Miiamaa Dance & Yoga Experiences

Miimaamaa is a lifestyle brand with next-generation yoga & dance experiences.
The new website is soon to be released – here’s a teaser demo.

I’ve been art directing the brand since it’s established a few years ago.

Besides the location and offering, one of main reasons people choosing their yoga or dance services is a teacher: proficiency, empathy and personality. We narrowed out the target group with the importance of price but bore in mind those who choose to practice at their home, an online class. We focused on the face of the brand, business owner Miia in branding and pushing the boundaries of physical into digital. Miia is breaking all rules of a stereotypical yoga teacher that takes her closer to the client; She’s with his/her goals, struggles and joy – sincerely without judgement.

More about Miiamaa brand and especially the website, about which I’m really excited by the way, soon! Meanwhile, any questions hit me up.

*Music by Savvier from Fugue*

Back to the Roots

Editorial for One magazine noticed at Vogue Italia

Mark Art Direction • Story-telling • Editorial concept design • Moodboards • Briefing • Team Leadership

Razor sharp startup identity

Logo and visual identity for a men’s beauty startup Malta Shave Club.

Mark Art Direction • Logo design and Visual identity • Animation • Graphics • Brand guidelines • Packaging guidelines

The Lone Park Ranger

Editorial for Glassbook Mazagine

Mark Art Direction • Editorial concept design • Moodboards • Briefing • Team leadership • Story-telling