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Typography nerd, whodunnit lover, notes’ writer,
inspiration enthusiast, people believer and raspberry addict,
who loves airports and hitting the road.

︎Malta. Willing to ︎ for collaboration project

︎ At the moment focusing on gaming products’ art direction and user experience design (super exciting).

Mark Fashion     ︎     Advertising     ︎    e-Commerce Finnish digital nomad in Europe (Berlin as a latest) looking to settle down and find a new home.

Miiamaa Dance & Yoga Experiences

Miimaamaa is a lifestyle brand with next-generation yoga & dance experiences.

I’ve been art directing the brand since it’s established a few years ago.

Besides the location and offering, one of main reasons people choosing their yoga or dance services is a teacher: proficiency, empathy and personality. The business owner Miia breaks all rules of the stereotypical yoga teacher that takes her closer to the clients; She’s with them at their struggles and joy – sincerely without judgement. 

*Music by Savvier from Fugue*

Back to the Roots

Editorial for One magazine noticed at Vogue Italia

Mark Art Direction • Story-telling • Editorial concept design • Moodboards • Briefing • Team Leadership

Razor sharp startup identity

Logo and visual identity for a men’s beauty startup Malta Shave Club.

Mark Art Direction • Logo design and Visual identity • Animation • Graphics • Brand guidelines • Packaging guidelines

The Lone Park Ranger

Editorial for Glassbook Mazagine

Mark Art Direction • Editorial concept design • Moodboards • Briefing • Team leadership • Story-telling