The concept to bet on

Trotting Betting Agency Toto’s advertising concept

Problem: The trotting betting agency Fintoto, a part of Finland’s national gambling monopoly Veikkaus, found the average age of their players were raising. Their desired demographic profile was young men, who enjoy excitement and are not afraid to take risks. They are active and like to party and watch sports. Times are changed since there’s so many things in a field of entertainment competing for their attention.

Solution: To get rid of the belief that trotting betting is for elder countrymen’s, and design a prominent multi-channel campaign enticing young men to watch and/or come and see trotting. Betting comes within.

Concept: The slogan is striking. Turpaa ja tunnelmaa is impossible to translate directly: turpa means horse’s muzzle and tunnelma nice atmosphere. It combines trotting and having a good time. Using a world ‘turpa’ is insightful because, it's associated with the part of the horse which reaches the goal first. We created fictional images of a young couple on a date, subtle and funny details reveal the trotting context.

Team: I was honoured to work with the most award-winning creative director in Finland’s advertising history including a pile of international awards, Jyrki Reinikka. He came up with the concept and slogan. Together with Jyrki and Joel Lindgrén, who was in charge of the web design, I worked on the images’ building process in interaction with the production company. I was responsible for all the print ads and promotion materials. The Point of Sales -design was strongly visible at the betting points all over the country, for instance in the Finland’s biggest convenience store chain. After the project, I took care of the photo shoot of the materials we had done.

I have worked with Elina for a few years.
She is hard-working and has the ability to create added value to the design process.
She has good ideas and thoughts.
I recommend Elina.

Jyrki Reinikka
Creative Director
Mark Advertising • Photo shoot • Point of Sales design • Print design • Graphic design